Unbranded (Director of Photography, Nevada Unit)

Audience Award, HotDocs: Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto, 2015

Audience Award, Telluride Mountain Film Festival, 2015

Enter the Wind (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

Nominated for Best Experimental Film, Wimbledon International Film Festival, UK, 2014

Honorable Mention, New Media Competition, University Film and Video Association (UFVA), 2014

Honorable Mention, Juried Experimental Competition, University Film and Video Association (UFVA), 2014

Award of Merit, Best Shorts Competition, 2014           

Code of the West (Camera Operator)

SXSW World Premiere, 2012

CINE Golden Eagle Award, 2013

Camden International Film Festival selection, 2012

Doc NYC selection, 2012

Come High or Hell Water (Camera Operator)

Adventure Award, San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, 2013

Best Cinematography, Surfer Poll Awards, 2011

Best Cinematography, London Surf Film Festival, 2011

Best Cinematography, New York Surf Film Festival, 2011

The American Serengeti (Camera Operator)

Merit Award for Cinematography, International Wildlife Film Festival, 2011

Best Made in Montana, International Wildlife Film Festival, 2011

Best TV Program Over $500,000 Budget, International Wildlife Film Festival, 2011

The Fishman (Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

Human-Wildlife Interaction Merit Award, International Wildlife Film Festival, 2010          

Best Short Film Nomination, Wildscreen Wildlife Film Festival, 2010     

Telluride Mountain Film Festival – Three screenings, one by popular demand, 2010     

Wild and Scenic On Tour Selection, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, toured over 50 theaters, 2013

Festival Selection, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, 2011    

Banff Mountain Film Festival Selection, two award nominations, 2009

Screened at over 50 festivals and broadcast on BBC to more than 6 million people    

BBC Yellowstone Series (Assistant Producer, Additional Camera; Producer, Cinematographer - Yellowstone People)

Nominated for Best Science and Natural History Film, Royal Television Society (RTS), 2010    

Best Specialist Factual Nomination, British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), 2010         

Winner Photography Factual, BAFTA, 2010

Cinematography Nomination, Emmy, 2009

Best Cinematography, International Wildlife Film Festival, 2009

Best Ecology, International Wildlife Film Festival, 2009

Best Wildlife Habitat Program, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, 2009          

Best Series, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, 2009

Special Jury Award (Yellowstone Winter), Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2009

Winner, Best Environment, Festival de l’Oiseau, 2009

Broadcast on BBC to more than 6 million people, 2009          

Against the Current (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

Best of Festival, Great Falls Fly Fishing Festival, 2008

Finalist, Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition, 2009          

Neuse River Film Festival Selection, 2008

Winston Rods Best Conservation Film, 2008

Schoolyard Films Selection, 2009

On Tour Selection, Wild and Scenic Film Festival, 2008           

Silver Telly – Nature and Wildlife / Bronze Telly – Non-profit, 2008                     

Wild and Scenic Film Festival Selection, 2008

Best of Festival, American Conservation Film Festival, 2007    


SUMMARY: Experience producing, directing, shooting and editing documentaries for National Geographic, BBC, PBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, North German Broadcasting (NDR), The President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities, and non-profits including TU, Patagonia and Trust for Public Land, among others.

DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER, LIVE EDITING, Syzygy: Life in a Healthy Constellation, 2015

A live cinema performance using piano, sound plane and Kyma; with Kiyoung Lee and Ha-Young Park.


Loose Horses is a feature-length documentary about a livestock auction for unwanted domestic horses, capturing the complicated human-equine connection in the real American West. 

Distribution: completed, festival circuit / PBS 


A thirty-minute documentary portrait of Montana’s poet laureate, Henry Real Bird

Distribution: projected for PBS, in post-production

DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER, EDITOR, Enter the Wind, personal production, 2014-15

            A sensory experiment of the wind; part of an installation for galleries

            Distribution: art galleries

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Nevada Unit, Unbranded, Cedar Creek Productions, 2014

            A feature-length documentary about mustangs in the West

            Producer: Dennis Aig, Executive Producer: Cindy Meehl (Director of Buck)

            Projected Distribution: Theatrical Release

CINEMATOGRAPHER, SOUND MIXER, Subaru Commercial Spot, 2014

            Underwater sequence, river bodysurfing sequence

A national commercial spot for Subaru

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Ford Commercial Spot, 2014

            Underwater sequence

A national commercial spot for Ford     

SOUND MIXER, Charter Communications, 2014

            National Charter Communications advertisement

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Caribbean’s Deadly Underworld, National Geographic Society, 2013

A documentary following Dr. Robert Ballard and the deep ocean exploration on board the Nautilus, a 211-foot research vessel in the Caribbean

Distribution: National Geographic Channel

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Missing, NTN Channel 4, Japan, 2013

Interview with a woman whose children were kidnapped by their father

Distribution: Japanese television, NTN

SOUND DEPARTMENT: BOOM OPERATOR, National Dodge Ram Commercial, 2013

            A national commercial spot for Dodge Ram / House of Usher / The Richards Group

CINEMATOGRAPHER, North America’s National Parks: Episode: Yellowstone, National Geographic, 2012-13

            Part of a series of 8 documentaries on North America’s national parks. 

            Sequence: underwater spawning trout

            Distribution: National Geographic & NDR, 2014

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Turnaround Arts, The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanties, Washington D.C., 2013

            The Silk Road Ensemble comes to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation

Distribution: President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, D.C. / footage used in Sound of Silk, Morgan Neville (Director of 20 Feet from Stardom) 

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER / WRITER / EDITOR, Trout Unlimited (National), 2008 – 2013          

Produced, edited and filmed six promotional productions:

Water Partners, A New RiverLast Best Place: The Madison River Valley, The Pitchfork RanchRolling Stone, and A Little Creek Named Watkins

Distribution: TU Channel

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Montana’s First Nations, Mercury Advertising, 2012

            Documentary about all the Native American nations of Montana

            Distribution: Web 2012 / Governor Steve Bullock’s Inaugural Ball

SECOND UNIT CAMERA OPERATOR, Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature, BBC, 2012

            Host Naomi discovers the wildlife of Yellowstone in the summer

            Distribution: CBBC (Children’s BBC)

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Come High or Hell Water: The Plight of the Torpedo People. 2011

            A documentary about bodysurfers, directed by Keith Malloy for Patagonia

Distribution: Theatrical 

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Code of the West, Racing Horse Productions, 2011

A feature-length documentary about the rise and fall of medical marijuana in Montana.

Distribution: HBO, NY Times Op Docs, 2012

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Coverage of the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference (APEC), 2011

Distribution: 2011, online news story in Chile

FIELD PRODUCER & RESEARCHER, Unnatural Histories, 1 hour, BBC Natural History Unit, UK, 2010                    

A BBC series that charts the human histories of iconic wilderness landscapes.

Role: Conducted search for Native American contributor and directed a shoot with a wolf researcher Distribution: BBC

RESEARCHER, Expedition Wolf, BBC Natural History Unit, 2010                      

Three one-hour documentary programmes on wolves in the US.          

Conducted searches for presenters.

Distribution: BBC and Discovery Channel, 2011

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Biosphere Connections: The Story of the Wolf, Anglo Filming Ltd

Documentary about conservation of wolves in the US

Distribution: National Geographic / Star Alliance, 2011 

RESEARCHER & PRODUCTION COORDINATOR, Wild Planet: North America, 7 x 1 hour, Wild Horizons Ltd, UK, 2009 – 2012

A blue chip wildlife documentary series about North America; the largest budget wildlife program for Discovery Channel, produced by the crew from Planet Earth.

Plan and direct shoots, research wildlife stories.

Distribution: Discovery Channel, 2012

CINEMATOGRAPHER, The American Serengeti, National Geographic Channel, 2009

Rebuilding the great plains

Distribution: National Geographic Channel

PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Yellowstone People: The Fishman, BBC NHU, 2008-09       

An essay film about the Yellowstone River told by a man who swims with fish.

Distribution: BBC, 2009

PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Yellowstone People: Geyser Gazers, BBC NHU, 2008-09     

A documentary about the quirky citizen scientists known as “geyser gazers”

Distribution: BBC, 2009

UNDERWATER CINEMATOGRAPHER, Yellowstone: Summer” & “Yellowstone: Autumn, BBC NHU, 2008 – 2009         

A three-part blue-chip wildlife television series about a year in Yellowstone. 

Sequences: Trout spawning / underwater beavers

Distribution: BBC and Discovery Channel, 2009

FIELD PRODUCER & ASSISTANT PRODUCER, Yellowstone: Winter, Yellowstone: Summer, Yellowstone: Autumn, BBC Natural History Unit, 2007 – 2009            

A three-part blue-chip wildlife television series about a year in Yellowstone, 3 x 50’

BBC2’s highest-rated natural history documentary in over five years with over six million viewers.

Distribution: BBC and Discovery Channel, 2009

EDITOR, Yellowstone People: The Fishman, at the BBC Natural History Unit, UK, 2008

Edited BBC programmes in Bristol, England at the BBC NHU.

Distribution: BBC, 2009

EDITOR, Yellowstone People: Geyser Gazers at the BBC Natural History Unit, UK, 2008                       

Edited BBC programmes in Bristol, England at the BBC NHU.

Distribution: BBC, 2009

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Riverine, personal production, 2007

            An experimental poetic film from the river’s perspective in Spring

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Against the Current, Trout Unlimited, 2007

            A half-hour documentary about water in the West

            Distribution: School Yard Films, CBS, web, festivals

CINEMATOGRAPHER, A Dozen More Turns, 2007

A half-hour documentary about an avalanche tragedy.

Distribution: Montana PBS, festivals

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Mega Disasters, 2006               

What would happen if Yellowstone erupts?

Distribution: The History Channel

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, The Lady on the Divide, 2006                    

The story of laid-off miners who create hope for themselves in a time of despair. Documentary.

Distribution: Montana PBS

PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR, 2 x 30-second commercial spots, Sacks Thrift & The Bozeman Help Center, 2006

Distribution: CBS affiliate

CINEMATOGRAPHER, New Wolf Hunters, 2005                        

A documentary about wolf-watchers in Yellowstone.

Distribution: Montana PBS



WEB DESIGNER, Metamorph Films and Web, 2003 – present

Specialize in multiplatform marketing and search engine optimization

Designed, developed and maintained over 40 sites using HTML5, CSS, PHP, Cold Fusion, WordPress and other Content Management Systems

WEB DESIGNER / NEW MEDIA DEVELOPER, Montana State University Extension Service, 2006 – 2007          

Production: Developed content management websites using HTML, CSS, PHP and Cold Fusion



“Szygy”, Live film and music performance with Kiyoung Lee / Ha-Young Park, Kyma International Conference, 2015

Enter the Wind Installation, “New Media”, The University Film and Video Association, 2014

Enter the Wind Installation, “The Other Side: Conceptual Emerging Experimental”, Danforth Gallery, July-Aug 2014


listed as Boul

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Boul, K.E. Hydrothermal vents in the deep. 2003. National Public Radio: “Earth & Sky” Radio Series.



VISIBLE EVIDENCE XXII: Conference on documentary film, Toronto, Canada 2015

Art and Documentary Workshop Presentation: “Increasing the embodied sensory response through an individual screening space: Enter the Wind as a case study

KYMA INTERNATIONAL SOUND SYMPOSIUM: Conference on sound and film, Bozeman, Montana, 2015

Live audio and visual performance with Korean musicians, Kiyoung Lee and Ha-Young Park, using Kyma.

68th UNIVERSITY FILM & VIDEO ASSOCIATION: Conference, Bozeman, Montana 2014

Paper Presentation: “Sensory biophilia as an approach to narratives of nature”

VISIBLE EVIDENCE XX: Conference on documentary film, Stockholm, Sweden 2013

Paper Presentation: “Combating affective rhetoric, scientific constructs and the real in science documentaries; a case study of The Fishman

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR SOCIETY: Scientific Conference, Oaxaca, Mexico 2003

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INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY SEMINAR: The University of Texas, Austin, Texas 2003

Thesis Presentation: “Population variation of complex advertisement calls and morphology in Physalaemus petersi


Research Presentation: “Vocalizations and behavior in the frog, Physalaemus petersi