“Szygy”, Live film and music performance with Kiyoung Lee / Ha-Young Park, Kyma International Conference, 2015

Enter the Wind Installation, “New Media”, The University Film and Video Association, 2014

Enter the Wind Installation, “The Other Side: Conceptual Emerging Experimental”, Danforth Gallery, July-Aug 2014



SUMMARY: Experience producing, directing, shooting and editing documentaries for National Geographic, BBC, PBS, History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, North German Broadcasting (NDR), The President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities, and non-profits including TU, Patagonia and Trust for Public Land, among others.

DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER, LIVE EDITING, Syzygy: Life in a Healthy Constellation, 2015

A live cinema performance using piano, sound plane and Kyma; with Kiyoung Lee and Ha-Young Park.


Loose Horses is a feature-length documentary about a livestock auction for unwanted domestic horses, capturing the complicated human-equine connection in the real American West. 

Distribution: completed, festival circuit / PBS 


A thirty-minute documentary portrait of Montana’s poet laureate, Henry Real Bird

Distribution: projected for PBS, in post-production

DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER, EDITOR, Enter the Wind, personal production, 2014-15

            A sensory experiment of the wind; part of an installation for galleries

            Distribution: art galleries

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Nevada Unit, Unbranded, Cedar Creek Productions, 2014

            A feature-length documentary about mustangs in the West

            Producer: Dennis Aig, Executive Producer: Cindy Meehl (Director of Buck)

            Projected Distribution: PBS, 2015

CINEMATOGRAPHER, SOUND MIXER, Subaru Commercial Spot, 2014

            Underwater sequence, river bodysurfing sequence

A national commercial spot for Subaru

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Ford Commercial Spot, 2014

            Underwater sequence

A national commercial spot for Ford     

SOUND MIXER, Charter Communications, 2014

            National Charter Communications advertisement

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Caribbean’s Deadly Underworld, National Geographic Society, 2013

A documentary following Dr. Robert Ballard and the deep ocean exploration on board the Nautilus, a 211-foot research vessel in the Caribbean

Distribution: National Geographic Channel

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Missing, NTN Channel 4, Japan, 2013

Interview with a woman whose children were kidnapped by their father

Distribution: Japanese television, NTN

SOUND DEPARTMENT: BOOM OPERATOR, National Dodge Ram Commercial, 2013

            A national commercial spot for Dodge Ram / House of Usher / The Richards Group

CINEMATOGRAPHER, North America’s National Parks: Episode: Yellowstone, National Geographic, 2012-13

            Part of a series of 8 documentaries on North America’s national parks. 

            Sequence: underwater spawning trout

            Distribution: National Geographic & NDR, 2014

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Turnaround Arts, The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanties, Washington D.C., 2013

            The Silk Road Ensemble comes to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation

Distribution: President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, D.C. / footage used in Sound of Silk, Morgan Neville (Director of 20 Feet from Stardom) 

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER / WRITER / EDITOR, Trout Unlimited (National), 2008 – 2013          

Produced, edited and filmed six promotional productions:

Water Partners, A New RiverLast Best Place: The Madison River Valley, The Pitchfork RanchRolling Stone, and A Little Creek Named Watkins

Distribution: TU Channel

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Montana’s First Nations, Mercury Advertising, 2012

            Documentary about all the Native American nations of Montana

            Distribution: Web 2012 / Governor Steve Bullock’s Inaugural Ball

SECOND UNIT CAMERA OPERATOR, Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature, BBC, 2012

            Host Naomi discovers the wildlife of Yellowstone in the summer

            Distribution: CBBC (Children’s BBC)

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Come High or Hell Water: The Plight of the Torpedo People. 2011

            A documentary about bodysurfers, directed by Keith Malloy for Patagonia

Distribution: Theatrical 

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Code of the West, Racing Horse Productions, 2011

A feature-length documentary about the rise and fall of medical marijuana in Montana.

Distribution: HBO, NY Times Op Docs, 2012

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Coverage of the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference (APEC), 2011

Distribution: 2011, online news story in Chile

FIELD PRODUCER & RESEARCHER, Unnatural Histories, 3 x 1 hour, BBC Natural History Unit, UK, 2010                    

A BBC series that charts the human histories of iconic wilderness landscapes.

Role: Conducted search for Native American contributor and directed a shoot with a wolf researcher Distribution: BBC

RESEARCHER, Expedition Wolf, BBC Natural History Unit, 2010                      

Three one-hour documentary programmes on wolves in the US.          

Conducted searches for presenters.

Distribution: BBC and Discovery Channel, 2011

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Biosphere Connections: The Story of the Wolf, Anglo Filming Ltd

Documentary about conservation of wolves in the US

Distribution: National Geographic / Star Alliance, 2011 

RESEARCHER & PRODUCTION COORDINATOR, Wild Planet: North America, 7 x 1 hour, Wild Horizons Ltd, UK, 2009 – 2012

A blue chip wildlife documentary series about North America; the largest budget wildlife program for Discovery Channel, produced by the crew from Planet Earth.

Plan and direct shoots, research wildlife stories.

Distribution: Discovery Channel, 2012

CINEMATOGRAPHER, The American Serengeti, National Geographic Channel, 2009

Rebuilding the great plains

Distribution: National Geographic Channel

PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Yellowstone People: The Fishman, BBC NHU, 2008-09       

An essay film about the Yellowstone River told by a man who swims with fish.

Distribution: BBC, 2009

PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Yellowstone People: Geyser Gazers, BBC NHU, 2008-09     

A documentary about the quirky citizen scientists known as “geyser gazers”

Distribution: BBC, 2009

UNDERWATER CINEMATOGRAPHER, Yellowstone: Summer” & “Yellowstone: Autumn, BBC NHU, 2008 – 2009         

A three-part blue-chip wildlife television series about a year in Yellowstone. 

Sequences: Trout spawning / underwater beavers

Distribution: BBC and Discovery Channel, 2009

FIELD PRODUCER & ASSISTANT PRODUCER, Yellowstone: Winter, Yellowstone: Summer, Yellowstone: Autumn, BBC Natural History Unit, 2007 – 2009            

A three-part blue-chip wildlife television series about a year in Yellowstone, 3 x 50’

BBC2’s highest-rated natural history documentary in over five years with over six million viewers.

Distribution: BBC and Discovery Channel, 2009

EDITOR, Yellowstone People: The Fishman, at the BBC Natural History Unit, UK, 2008

Edited BBC programmes in Bristol, England at the BBC NHU.

Distribution: BBC, 2009

EDITOR, Yellowstone People: Geyser Gazers at the BBC Natural History Unit, UK, 2008                       

Edited BBC programmes in Bristol, England at the BBC NHU.

Distribution: BBC, 2009

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Riverine, personal production, 2007

            An experimental poetic film from the river’s perspective in Spring

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, Against the Current, Trout Unlimited, 2007

            A half-hour documentary about water in the West

            Distribution: School Yard Films, CBS, web, festivals

CINEMATOGRAPHER, A Dozen More Turns, 2007

A half-hour documentary about an avalanche tragedy.

Distribution: Montana PBS, festivals

CINEMATOGRAPHER, Mega Disasters, 2006               

What would happen if Yellowstone erupts?

Distribution: The History Channel

DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER, The Lady on the Divide, 2006                    

The story of laid-off miners who create hope for themselves in a time of despair. Documentary.

Distribution: Montana PBS

PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, EDITOR, 2 x 30-second commercial spots, Sacks Thrift & The Bozeman Help Center, 2006

Distribution: CBS affiliate

CINEMATOGRAPHER, New Wolf Hunters, 2005                        

A documentary about wolf-watchers in Yellowstone.

Distribution: Montana PBS



WEB DESIGNER, Metamorph Films and Web, 2003 – present

Specialize in multiplatform marketing and search engine optimization

Designed, developed and maintained over 40 sites using HTML5, CSS, PHP, Cold Fusion, WordPress and other Content Management Systems

WEB DESIGNER / NEW MEDIA DEVELOPER, Montana State University Extension Service, 2006 – 2007          

Production: Developed content management websites using HTML, CSS, PHP and Cold Fusion