Since 2012 I have been an Assistant Teaching Professor at Montana State University in the School of Film and Photography, where I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in documentary production and theory, fiction film production, advanced cinematography, and critical approaches to science and environmental film. In 2015 I co-led a Ford Foundation documentary production course for African filmmakers from Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia. 


An undergraduate level course in aesthetic and technical approaches to cinematography for fiction and non-fiction.

DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION & THEORY, Sp 2013, Sp 2015, Sp 2016: A junior-level undergraduate course on the aesthetics and practice of creating documentary films

SOUND DESIGN, Sp 2015: Junior and senior level course in Location sound and post sound design

SENIOR FILM PRODUCTION, Sp 2014, F 2014, F 2015: Senior capstone: fiction, documentary & experimental films

AESTHETICS OF FILM PRODUCTION, Sp 2013, F 2013, Sp 2014: Freshman level lecture and lab course devoted to the understanding of narrative fiction filmmaking

KNOWLEDGE & COMMUNITY, College of Letters and Sciences, F 2005, F2011: A freshman-level seminar course designed to develop enhanced critical thinking and writing skills.

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ADVANCED CINEMATOGRAPHY, F 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015: A graduate level course in aesthetic and technical approaches to cinematography.

CRITICAL APPROACHES TO SCIENCE FILMMAKING, F 2014: An advanced critical analysis of science documentaries

CRITICAL APPROACHES TO ENVIRONMENTAL AND WILDLIFE FILMS, F 2015: An advanced critical analysis of environmental documentaries

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS, Sp 2013, 2014: An advanced course on the logistical, financial and managerial course in non-fiction filmmaking

SECOND YEAR FILM PRODUCTION, Sp 2014, 2015, 2016: Support and supervision of second year MFA films

THESIS COMMITTEES, 2012-present: As a thesis committee member, I have supervised fourteen graduate students in the MFA program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking.


FORD FOUNDATION AFRICAN DOCUMENTARY PROGRAM, Summer 2015: I co-led and co-developed a month-long course on documentary production for African filmmakers from Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia, funded by the Ford Foundation. Read an article about the program.

CINEMATOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, F 2013: A graduate level workshop dedicated to wildlife filmmaking and learning the ENG-style Panasonic HPX 600 camera and Fujinon 36x, 13x, 17x lenses

DEPAUL UNIVERSITY CINEMATOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS, October 28, 2017: Invited lecture to DePaul University, part of the Visiting Artist Series