I am currently an Assistant Professor at California State University, Sacramento. Prior to this position, since 2012 I was an Assistant Teaching Professor at Montana State University in the School of Film and Photography, where I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in documentary production and theory, fiction film production, advanced cinematography, and critical approaches to science and environmental film. In 2015 I co-led a Ford Foundation documentary production course for African filmmakers from Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia and founded MSU's Center for the Communication of Science. 


An undergraduate level course in aesthetic and technical approaches to cinematography for fiction and non-fiction.

DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION & THEORY, Sp 2013, Sp 2015, Sp 2016: A junior-level undergraduate course on the aesthetics and practice of creating documentary films

SOUND DESIGN, Sp 2015: Junior and senior level course in Location sound and post sound design

SENIOR FILM PRODUCTION, Sp 2014, F 2014, F 2015: Senior capstone: fiction, documentary & experimental films

AESTHETICS OF FILM PRODUCTION, Sp 2013, F 2013, Sp 2014: Freshman level lecture and lab course devoted to the understanding of narrative fiction filmmaking

KNOWLEDGE & COMMUNITY, College of Letters and Sciences, F 2005, F2011: A freshman-level seminar course designed to develop enhanced critical thinking and writing skills.

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ADVANCED CINEMATOGRAPHY, F 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015: A graduate level course in aesthetic and technical approaches to cinematography.

CRITICAL APPROACHES TO SCIENCE FILMMAKING, F 2014: An advanced critical analysis of science documentaries

CRITICAL APPROACHES TO ENVIRONMENTAL AND WILDLIFE FILMS, F 2015: An advanced critical analysis of environmental documentaries

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS, Sp 2013, 2014: An advanced course on the logistical, financial and managerial course in non-fiction filmmaking

SECOND YEAR FILM PRODUCTION, Sp 2014, 2015, 2016: Support and supervision of second year MFA films

THESIS COMMITTEES, 2012-present: As a thesis committee member, I have supervised fourteen graduate students in the MFA program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking.


FORD FOUNDATION AFRICAN DOCUMENTARY PROGRAM, Summer 2015: I co-led and co-developed a month-long course on documentary production for African filmmakers from Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia, funded by the Ford Foundation. Read an article about the program.

CINEMATOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, F 2013: A graduate level workshop dedicated to wildlife filmmaking and learning the ENG-style Panasonic HPX 600 camera and Fujinon 36x, 13x, 17x lenses

DEPAUL UNIVERSITY CINEMATOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS, October 28, 2017: Invited lecture to DePaul University, part of the Visiting Artist Series